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Curriculum Statement

The Curriculum at East Meon CE Primary School


We believe the curriculum should engage children and provide opportunities through which they can apply attitudes, skills and knowledge to new situations and extend their understanding.


The curriculum at East Meon CE Primary School stimulates, motivates and challenges our pupils to achieve their best. We aim to create conscientious, independent learners who are confident in their own beliefs, able to face new challenges and respectful of the views of others, children who are proud of themselves, recognise their achievements and are supportive of others’ success.


We recognise that personal, social and health education is a vital strand of the curriculum, which enables our children to become confident, positive, resilient and respectful young people.  As we are a small village school pastoral support is key to our school ethos.  Through activities such as drama, role play, discussion, puppets, circle time, stories, individual tasks, teamwork and assemblies we cover the following themes: rules and boundaries, bullying, e-safety, relationships, aspirations, stranger danger, water safety, safety at home, medicines (substance misuse), road safety, self esteem and confidence, health and hygiene, changes (including sex and relationship education), careers, equality and transition.  

Themes are differentiated and appropriate to the age of the children.  The school’s programme of Sex and Relationship Education complies with the National Curriculum science content relating to growth and reproduction. Within a safe environment children can ask questions and begin to understand life cycles, families as well as how their bodies are going to change.

 The school views parents as key figures in preparing their children for the challenges and responsibilities that sexual maturity brings and works closely with home to achieve this.

Our school ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) also works closely with children to help develop personal and social skills where necessary and appropriate.

 Our curriculum map follows a two year rotation in order to take into account vertically grouped classes.   We recognise the rural nature of East Meon CE Primary School and aim to give children learning experiences through our curriculum that celebrate and include our immediate environment and surroundings as well as learning in contrasting locations.


We will:

·       Provide a wide range of opportunities in the curriculum for children to learn through first hand experiences, applying knowledge and skills to new situations

·       Help children to make sense of what they do; encourage them to evaluate their work, set targets and take an increasing share in the responsibility for their learning

·       Employ a wide variety of strategies to enable children to learn in different ways

·       Provide a broad and rich curriculum that encourages enthusiastic participation, encompassing ability, gender and cultural background

Encourage children to think of others and respect everyone including those whose beliefs differ from their own

·       Make relevant links across the curriculum

·       Use the outdoors as a vehicle to teach the curriculum with regular, weekly activities taking place in the outdoor environment.

·       Provide opportunities within the curriculum for the children to learn through visits and visitors

·       Embrace ICT and technological developments to provide and enhance learning opportunities so that children are prepared for a technological world.

·       Challenge and inspire children, expecting the most of them, so as to deepen their knowledge and understanding

·       We will recognise the talents and interests of our children through our curriculum

·       Provide after school extra curricular opportunities that enhance and offer other learning opportunities

 Please click on the links below to download our curriculum map for each class. 


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