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Monitoring Water Usage


In June 2016 the Eco Team decided to monitor the amount of water being used in the school with a view to exploring ways to reduce it. As a result, the meter was read every half term once on the Sunday prior to the start of the half term and once and at the end (the results are recorded on the website).


As half terms are of different lengths, it was necessary to work out the consumption per week (these results are also recorded).


During the meter readings it was noted that during holidays there was apparent consumption and checking the school it was clear there was a leak. This was reported to South East Water who confirmed it was a leak under ground and that they would run a new pipe from the meter to the school. This leakage distorts the results taken, particularly as it increased over time.


South East Water has also been contacted to see if they can supply the school with some hippo bags for the cisterns.


March 30th 2017

Picture 1 Reading the Water Metre

South East Water Talk 

November 2015


On Friday 13th of November, Adam from South East Water visited East Meon Primary School.

He told the children about his job and how much water is wasted. He also told them that if we didn’t produce enough clean water we would run out of it in just 10 days.

Adam also told the children about WOW (World of Water) and he introduced them to the WOW family (Willow, William, Wendy Walter and Winston the dog)

He also gave the children a 4 minute timer to time their shower and a handy hippo bag to save more water.

He explained to the children how wasting water is a serious problem.

The children all agreed it was a great visit and thanked Adam for coming to school and Mr Ingerson for organising it.

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