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Welcome to Holly Class!


We are a lovely class of Year 3 and 4 children and our teacher is Mrs Francis.  

Check back here regularly to see what we are getting up to with our learning!


Maschere di Venezia! This week we have spent a long time planning, designing and painting fine details onto our own Venetian masks! They looked AMAZING!

Volcanic eruptions in Holly Class!

Today we found out about the difference between physical and human features in geography, and created our own sorting diagrams outside to classify different human and physical features of Italy!

Italian Treasure Hunt!


Today, Holly Class worked in teams to find clues as part of an Italian treasure hunt around the school grounds!  We had to take it in turns to go and find different clues, remember part of the clue and bring it back to our team until we completed a map of Italian cities and regions.  Have a look at the photos to see how we got on!



Today we found out how to make real Italian pizzas and became pizza chefs at Pizza Express!

For the final part of the Summer term in Holly Class, our topic is 'Bella Italia!'.  Check back here to see what we get up to! 

Police Interviews!

Today the police came in to talk to us about protection to link in with our RE unit.  We got to ask them questions we had prepared about their jobs and found out lots about them, such as why they became police officers, their favourite bit of their jobs, what jobs they would choose if they weren't in the police and even their most embarrassing moments as police officers! They also talked to us about keeping safe outside of school. 

Thoughts and Prayers for Manchester

Today in Collective Worship, the whole school gathered with Reverend Jane in a circle in the hall and lit candles to help us reflect on the events in Manchester yesterday. In Holly Class, we then spent time thinking about those who were affected, lit our own candle in our reflection corner and wrote down our thoughts and prayers.  We watched the CBBC Newsround reports on the events to help us understand a bit more about what happened and answer some of our questions. We ended by being thankful to those people who helped and showed courage and love in the face of a terrible event.  The children know that if they are worried or have any more questions that they can speak to Mrs Francis, Mrs Prow or their families.  There is also advice on CBBC Newsround's website at this link:

Outdoor Classroom Day! Today, as part of Outdoor Classroom Day, Holly Class made their own Stone Age paint from mud, clay, ground up stones and plant juices and created our own 'Wall of Hands'! We even had to create the paintings using Stone Age equipment like sticks and leaves!

Today in Maths we constructed and investigated 3D shapes using some interesting (and yummy!) building equipment!

Our topic launch trip to Buster Farm...

Our topic this term is 'From Stone To Steel'.  We will be finding out all about the history of the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, kicking off with our 'Wow' launch trip to Ancient Buster Farm.


Check back here to see what we get up to!


Angle Hunters! Today we did our Maths lesson outside and went on a maths mission to find examples of angles in the school grounds using our own angle eaters...

Tutankhamun sketching and painting...

Holly Class trip to Highclere Castle

Leon and the Place Between



Here are some links to help you with your half term homework to plan your mummification explanations (including the interactive game we played in class where we mummified Seneb!)


Have a fantastic half term,


Mrs Francis 



Today, we finished our Egyptian tomb raider stories!  After half term we will be sharing them with Hazel class so once we had finished them and edited them, we practised reading them aloud.  Some of us had time to record them onto the iPads as audio books! We will share them on our class page once we have read them to Hazel class!

Take a look at our mummified tomatoes! After 3 weeks of mummification, look at what has happened to the tomatoes we mummified! They are lighter, dried out and not at all mouldy! They have been preserved, just like the Ancient Egyptians were when they were mummified!

Tomb Raider Gymnastics! Holly Class created their own gymnastics sequences inspired by our Ancient Egyptian topic to tell their own Tomb Raider stories!

Holly Class: Machine Designers!

 In Literacy, we are working on explanation texts and creating machines to help people get to sleep more easily!  For homework last week, Holly Class were set the challenge to design their own machine to fix a different problem.  Look at some of the amazing contraptions they designed!  These children not only designed their machine in their books, but also decided to create the machines too! 

Holly Class Archaeology Department!