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Curious Kew Gardens

On the rainy morning of Tuesday the 6th of October Hazel Class set off early to visit Kew Gardens for their rainforest topic. As they began to come into London the children described how they had seen the world famous rugby stadium Twickenham. Finally when they arrived they were astounded by the beautiful site of the features there. A year 6 child called Taylor Ferguson said " I was speechless at the site of it all and I thought it was amazing !"


First of all they walked round the lake which the children described as amazing with its huge fountain and graceful swans. Next , when they arrived at the massive victorian built palm house a group went inside to explore its rainforest wonders. In the hot and humid atmosphere the group saw giant bamboo. In fact the children thought it was incredible that roots of plants grew out of the ground and plants grew on top of plants and they were called epiphytes.


After the palm house the children did some activities.  The children had to put objects into groups of useful things and not useful things.  Some of the objects were mats, water collectors and a giant co co-de mer seed. Beth, in year 5 commented, " Even though the huge seed is cool, it wouldn't be very useful!"


After lunch by the big statues, they walked in dry weather  to the Princess of Wales Conservatory which apparently was filled with incredible plants from all over the world.  Some of the children's highlights were some giant lily pads big enough to hold babies, the pitcher plant that ate flies and animals which included the piranha, the poisoned dart tree frog and a chinese water dragon!


Finally they walked back altogether but they went by the rock garden.  It was apparently a beautiful site with wonderful waterfalls and lovely flowers.  A year 5 called Martha said, "It was stunning and magical.  I felt asa if I was in a fantasy."


All the children enjoyed the trip and can't wait to go back again!


Written by Elsa, Year 5