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Art, Design and Technology

Art Subject Vision


At East Meon CE Primary School we create artists who develop and refine a wide range of technical skills over the course of their seven years with us. Through their study of Art and Design, pupils become familiar with a variety of artists and styles that both inspire and excite them. In line with our curriculum driver 'Possibilities' pupils are exposed to a selection of creative vocations, which heighten their aspirations and give them an awareness of what they can achieve.

Design and Technology Subject Vision

At East Meon CE Primary, we teach our pupils to design and make products that are useful. We encourage them to observe, discuss and evaluate the designs of professionals and use these designs as inspiration for their own products.

As a Christian schools, we teach our children about the responsibility they have to protect the planet and we therefore expect them to consider this, when designing their mechanical and electrical creations.

Once the pupils have designed and created a product for an intended user, we expect them to 'break' the product. That is, we expect them to identify how the product could perform better in order to give the user a better experience.

Pupils leave East Meon with the ability to use a range of tools and utensils with confidence and a resilience that allows them to repeatedly return to the drawing board and improve on their designs.

Art and Design Curriculum Overview