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Welcome to Explorers class! 

Our teachers are Mrs Slamaker and Ms Meridith. 


Explorers Believe...

Everyone deserves respect - we treat others how we want to be treated.

Listening is a Super Power - we show great listening skills

Manners Matter - we put our hand up and respect others

We Learn Best in a Quiet and Calm environment - only one person talking at a time.

Words are Powerful - we use them to support each other.

Manners Matter - we help other people.

Friendship is Kindness  - we are kind to everyone and keep our hands to ourselves.


Monday March 30th 2020

Hi there Explorers

I hope you are all well and finding plenty to do at home. I have added a shadow investigation to this page today for you to have a go at - it will take 2 days as you need to collect your data and then tell me what you found out.

I am also adding a subtraction maths video on the virtual learning section to remind you of the methods we have been using. After that you can use the maths problem sheets to calculate some subtraction question answers.

Keep well and stay safe

Mrs Slamaker

Dear Explorers,

If you are currently at home but not unwell you might have chance to carry out your history research project. 

1st - choose what you would like to study over time (think about the toys we have been investigating).

2nd - choose 3 dates in history which you would like to use to compare how your object has changed over time.

3rd - use the project sheets to help you plan.

Further research prompt sheets will be added later. You will be presenting your research to the class.

In class we compared 3 toys from 1950, 1990 and 2020 to show how they had changed.

You can choose any artefact or group of objects - some choices might be armour & weapons through the ages; art, a specific toy, trains, boats, buildings or clothes.

You need 3 definite dates to link your research together.

Hi Explorers

I have added a Shadow Investigation for you to set up at home and record. Do it on a sunny day so you get the best results.

Good Luck!

Explorers - Home Learning

 Read Daily for at least 20 minutes. This can be independent or with a parent.
 Write a Book Review for each book you read. Challenge: Can you compare it to
another book you have read by the same author? Or compare it to another book by
a different author?
 Practice your handwriting
 Writing: Use the books you are reading as inspiration. Write a story in the same
genre-ie Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, Comedy etc
 Keep an ‘Isolation Diary’-make sure you include pictures of what you got up to and
tell your reader how you are feeling.
 Write a recipe for something you have cooked / made / baked at home.
 Addition and Subtraction – Practise using the formal methods for addition and
subtraction – remember to line the numbers up in the correct columns.
 Multiplication and Division – Use TT Rockstars to practice your multiplication tables.
Also, find a recipe that you would like to make-imagine making enough to feed 10
people-how much of each ingredient would you need? Then imagine you are only
making enough for 2 people-can you divide the ingredients?

Wider Curriculum
PE – Use Youtube videos of Yoga and Workouts if you cannot leave the house. If you can go
out, go walking and look for all the signs of nature around you!
History – Fashion Through the Ages. Research this topic and create a Power-point on your
Google Drive that show how fashions have changed over time.
Science – Research Space. Create a Google Doc that has as many exciting facts about Space
as you can find! You will be able to share these when you come back to school!

Please also use the Home Learning Twinkle Packs to support your learning.

Investigating the Solar System

Investigating the Solar System 1
Investigating the Solar System 2
Investigating the Solar System 3
This week has got all of Explorers thinking about their own learning. In history we have investigated and examined toys from the past and will be setting our own historic research in a project showing 'Changes over Time'. In science we have been using scale models of fruit and spheres to develop our understanding of the diameter of planets and their distance from the sun; this BBC clip shows what we did (for us 1 sheet of paper =m 100million Km).
In addition Explorers have been getting to know the new chrome books and have used them to research their own planet.
In maths we have carried out some Nrich investigations into fractions which have been a lot of fun and in English we have used non-fiction texts about the planet to develop our comprehension skills.

Explorers re-enact Holi festival.

Explorers re-enact Holi festival. 1
Explorers re-enact Holi festival. 2
Explorers re-enact Holi festival. 3
Explorers re-enact Holi festival. 4
Explorers re-enact Holi festival. 5
Explorers re-enact Holi festival. 6

Week 5

This week Explorers have been writing their own newsletters which they will be publishing next week. They have written amazing recounts of their Chinese New Year Day which took place on the 24th January. They are still perfecting their dragon dances and now have some extra inspiration from the ‘Fame’ performance they went to see on Thursday.

The Petersfield School put on a performance at the Theatre Royal in Portsmouth. ‘The performance was romantic but tearful,’ said Eloise a year 4 pupil. In science and DT the brilliant pupils are making their own burglar alarm to stop Mr Andrews from taking chocolate cake!

Lastly, in maths the pupils are looking at telling the time, parents can help a lot with this life skill by encouraging their child to use clocks at home. In addition, Eliza and Nathan joined Mrs Duedun in taking your contributions to the food bank.



Did You Know….

Fu Hao was a great chief in China. She was known as an elegant but powerful lady of the Shang Dynasty. After she had died, her children made a beautiful chest for her. Luckily no one looted her tomb, so we know a lot about her and the Shang Dynasty.

By Eloise