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Willow class had the responsibility to incubate eggs in order for them to hatch! We waited 21 days until the eggs hatched and we now have 7 chickens! As a school, we will be keeping 4 of them. Each house will have their own chicken but all take the responsibility to look after them and to clean our their run. 

Our new signs to help build awareness of our pollinators...

It has been an exciting term in Oak Class.  They have been observing eggs before they hatch in an incubator and waiting patiently for butterflies to emerge from cocoons in their classroom.  Click here to see the pictures and a time lapse film of a chick hatching. 


Gardening club have worked hard this year to attract a variety of species to the school grounds.  They have built hedgehog houses and made repairs to the bug hotel.  


Willow Class recorded sighting of slow worms at the end of term.