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Collective Worship

As a Church of England school we hold a daily act of collective worship. This is when we bring our pupils together to share a story from the bible, a poem, a picture or even a news story. We then discuss it together and may even write prayers relevant to the discussion. We always try to think about what the story, poem, picture or new story teaches us and what Jesus would think about what we have discussed.


It is  important to give children time to think about how they feel, how others feel, what is going on in the world and what we can do, as global citizens to support others and cherish the world we live in.


Below you will find stories, videos and resources we have used in our daily collective worships at school.

Preparing for Worship

Before beginning a collective worship session, it is important that you are in the right frame of mind. At school, we take time to make sure that everyone who is joining in the collective worship is calm and quiet. We have a candle to light which helps to focus attention and at school we say the candle prayer:


Dear Lord,

We light this candle to remind us that you are the light of the world.

As we come together now to pray and to praise, may your light remove all darkness from our eyes.


Our Monday Collective Worship is led by Father Tony.

Father Tony is currently having a study break but is supporting local churches, especially East Meon and our school. 

Week beginning 22.4.24 Our focus this week is Hope.

Week beginning 11.03.24 Our focus this week is Love.

Week beginning 04.03.24

Week beginning 26.2.24 This week's focus is Caring for the Environment

Week beginning 19.2.24

Week Beginning 29th January 2024

Week Beginning 15th January 2024

Week Beginning 10.07.23

Week Beginning 10.07.23

Week Beginning 15th May

Week beginning 2nd May 2023

Week Beginning 24th April 2023

Week Beginning 17th April 2023

Week Beginning 18.07.22

Week Beginning 4th April 2022

Week beginning 3.1.22

Collective Worship Week Beginning 05/07/21

Collective Worship Week Beginning 29/03/21

Collective Worship Week Beginning 22/03/21

Collective Worship Week Beginning 15/03/2021

Click the link above and scroll to Spirituality to access Fridays Love Collective Worship by Adriannah & Eloise.

The worship starts with Count on Me by Bruno Mars which you can access here:



Collective Worship Week Beginning 08/03/2021

Year R,1,2 Collective Worship


This week we have all had some challenging learning to do and there have been lots of times that we may have felt that we 'couldn't do' something. Talk to someone at home about the last time you felt you couldn't do something.

Now Listen to the story 'The Thing Lou Couldn't Do', then come back and answer the questions below!


What did Lou do when she thought she couldn't do something?

How do you think Lou felt when her friends were able to do something she could not?

What advice would you give to Lou to help her feel better?

What was the magic word that Lou learned to use by the end of the story? 

Why is this word so special? What does it remind us?


Can you think of anyone in the bible who might have felt like he couldn't do something that God wanted him to?

What Christian Value do we have to display when we are trying something that we thing we will struggle with?


Now write a prayer asking God to help you with things that you might find tricky and send me your prayers so that I can share them with everyone. 



This week lots of us have been finding lockdown very hard. Listen to the story 'Lucy's in Lockdown' (below) and discuss these questions:

How do you think Lucy is feeling each time her hair changes?

How do you think she feels once she has spoken to her friend?

What could you do to make yourself feel better when you are having a 'blue' day?

Do you think God or Jesus ever had a blue day?




This week, we are thinking about showing love to those around us through random acts of kindness. Look through the powerpoint below with someone at home to help you think about how you could offer random acts of kindness to those around you. There is also a video for you to watch, showing how some other people are doing their best to show love to others.


When you have looked at the powerpoint and watched the video, try to write a prayer. Think about what you should say thank you to God for and what you might need to ask him to help you with. I would love to hear your prayers. If you would like to share them, ask a grown up to help you send them to me -

Powerpoint- Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

6-Year-Old Boo's "Craft it Forward" for Michaels Spread the Kindness challenge.....hand stitched paper mache boxes filled with gifts for random strangers on the street. All video and images copyright

The Thing Lou Couldn't Do by Ashley Spires | Read by Teacher Charla

The Thing Lou Couldn't Do by Ashley SpiresRead by Teacher Charla

Lucy's In Lockdown

We are very proud to bring you this CBeebies style video of Lucy's In Lockdown.Narrated by the amazingly talented Abigail Townson- Voice Over Artist & Actres...

Once you have listened to the story and discussed these questions, write a prayer. When we write a prayer we often thank God for something, say sorry for something and for his help with something. We may also ask God to help or be with someone else if we know they are in need.

If you are struggling to write your own prayer, you could use mine:


Dear God,

Thank you for our beautiful world and for the hard working people, doing their best to keep us safe.

We are sorry for the times that we have not thought carefully about the feelings of others and for when we have reacted badly to our own big feelings. Please help me to be kind always. Please be with people who are feeling lonely at this time and let them feel loved by you.

We ask this in Jesus name,


Year 3,4,5,6 Collective Worship



We often think about the NHS in our prayers and we imagine the Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics to be like superheroes. Heroes, they most certainly are but, sadly, they are also just people. They are not born with super strength or super endurance so, how are they surviving lockdown #2?

Look at this picture:

COVID 19 Hospital Ward

What do you see in this image?

How do you think these Doctors and Nurses are feeling?

What Christian Values do you see displayed in this image? 

Do you see our school Christian Values of Hope, Love and Courage? Where? Talk to someone at home and explain to them how even this sad image contains something beautiful when we consider the values being shown by the people here.

What do you think God thinks about this image? Who would Jesus be in this image, if he were alive today? Why?


Can you write a prayer using this image as the basis of your prayer?

Please share your prayers with me-either in a video or in a document. Send them to



This week we are thinking about Captain Tom Moore who has sadly passed away. In the last year of his life, he raised a huge amount of money for the NHS, released a single with Michael Ball (which went to Number 1!) and inspired millions of people around the globe. But he was also an inspirational person before the pandemic. This week we want to say a thank you to Captain Tom for everything he did throughout his life to support his friends, family and countrymen.


Watch the video below and consider all the reasons that Captain Tom was a person to aspire to. What Christian Values of ours did he display? Can you explain your ideas to someone at home?


Write a prayer to share with your family, inspired by the life of Captain Tom. Remember that in a prayer, we try to say 'Thank you' 'Sorry' and we usually ask for God's help with something. I would love to hear your prayers so send them to me if you can- 

Captain Sir Tom Moore has his life turned into a book | Newsround

Captain Sir Tom Moore has had his story brought to life in a new picture book with illustrations by Adam Larkum. Since he raised more than £32 million for th...

Songs that we love to use in Collective Worship:

"This Little Light Of Mine"

This Little Light Of Mine from the DVD "Let It Shine!"► Support us on Patreon:► Get the DVD's: http://www.listenerkids...

Shine Jesus Shine (worship video w/ lyrics)

Simple worship video we use at church I do not own the songs or the lyrics ! If you download you must own your own legal copy of the audio and be a member of...

The Lord's My Shepherd - Stuart Townend

The Lord's My Shepherd (Psalm 23) by Stuart Townend© 1996 Thankyou Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing)I do not own the rights to the music. Plea...

How to Write a Prayer