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Naomi House

Naomi House is a local Children's Hospice and respite care facility. Following the sad loss of one of the children from a school family who had accessed Naomi House, the pupils of our school council voted to have Naomi House as one of our school charities. We have now been supporting Naomi House for over 2 years and we have raised thousands of pounds for this excellent centre. 

The pupils have been involved in fun runs, Christmas-a-thons and other sponsored events that have helped to improve the lives of other children.



One More Thing

The School Council originally set up the charity 'O0ne More Thing' within school. The idea was that if all families that were able bought just 'one more thing' when they went shopping and donated it to our food bank collection, we would be able to make sizeable donations each half term to our local food bank. The children researched the kinds of items that were most desirable to the food banks and sent out lists to parents requesting items.

However, our School Council began to question whether this was enough. They wanted to know why people had to travel all the way from East Meon to Petersfield just to get some food. It was decided that we would work with the local community to set up a food bank in East Meon and send our food donations directly to them, therefore having a significant impact on our immediate local area.

Today the Food Bank, which has become so busy it has had to be moved to the Village Hall, is thriving and many families and isolated elderly people access it weekly. It is a fantastic resource that has changed the lives of many in the village and we are very proud that it started from a small idea in our school.

The children continued to develop the idea and in Christmas 2021 and Christmas 2022, they ran special drives that also asked for Christmas gifts so that we could help families give small tokens of love to each other at this special time.