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Week beginning 23rd November work timetable

I would suggest for our stone age topic work this week, you create a google doc with all the information you find out ready to help you create your mind map/posters/powerpoint on Wednesday. We will be sharing these in class on Thursday. Remember if you are not wanting to share you work every body else I would still love to see it and show the other teachers!! smiley However, if you would prefer to write your notes on paper then that is absolutely fine too! I am very excited to see all of you on Thursday! Keep up the good work guys. 

Week Beginning 16th November Work Timetable.

Stone Age Boy Read by Memma The Cave Woman for English

Make sure that you watch this video before you complete the task. Think about what is being said and what you can INFER from the things being said. For example when the boy says "WOW!" you can not infer that he is bored and wants to go home as this would not be accurate.
You can watch the story as many times as you want to.
Remember it is shared on your google account as well (if you can not remember your passwords, its in your home link books!) I would love to see your ideas when you are finished so make sure to send them through to me!
Any help and I am on the other end of my emails!

Explorer Class Zoom Meeting 13/11/2020

Emails have been sent home to all parents with the Zoom link. The call will start at 10:30 on Friday morning. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them tomorrow! 

I look forward to seeing you all smiley


Year 3 and 4 Spelling list.

12/11/2020 maths lesson

To play the times tables snakes and ladders you will need: 

A couple of sheets of paper,

A counter for each person playing, 

A die, 

A pencil 

A printed out snakes and ladders board. 


When you are ready to start the game, the same rules as a normal snakes and ladders game apply, however, when you land on a new square you need to answer that calculation either in your head or by drawing pictures to help you. Other players must check your answer before you move on! 


Feel free to email me pictures of you playing, I'd love to see who wins! 



Our Jelly Tot Array Dots!!

Our cool Multiplication song about arrays!

Video: Equal Groups (Repeated Addition Using Arrays) Grade Levels: 2nd Grade - 3rd Grade 🍎 Check out our ever-growing library of math songs at



Explorer class all voted to have a bike and scooter afternoon as their class treat!

The children had great fun riding around the playground and when getting into teams to race against one another! It was fabulous to see all the children enjoying themselves after all the extremely hard work they have been putting in this half term since having such a long time off! 

Marwell School trip 9/10/2020

As a class we had the most awesome day at Marwell Zoological park. We managed to see so many animals including the illusive snow leopard and pygmy marmosets! We were able to share all of our knowledge with the Zoologists in our adaptation and evolution workshops!

Even getting caught in the rain added an extra funny memory of the day and seeing how the animals adapted to the rain. 


Explorer stars of the week (02.10.2020) 

Well done to Darcie and Noah! 
Darcie was chosen for always being super helpful around the classroom and Noah was chosen because of his superb postcard to Sunny!  
Here they can be seen tipping the masses of house gems earned from lockdown into their house jars! 


As a class, we have been thoroughly enjoying looking at different types of biomes. We have learnt about some whacky adaptations that some animals and plants have! For example, camels can go 2 weeks without water as the can live off the preserves in their humps!

Throughout the week, we have been planning and writing our postcode to Sunny the Meerkat, offering advice to the best location for his holiday! Most children agreed that the desert was the best place for him to visit as his adaptations meant that he would be able to survive there- not to mention all the scrumptious scorpions he would be able to munch on! Many children also pointed out that this biome would be perfect for Sunny to use his very own 'make do' sun glasses!  


Additionally, in maths, we have all worked so hard to secure our place value knowledge before we move on to addition and subtraction next week!