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As a school, we are trying to get more people to park at the village hall and to walk through the quiet roads of the village to keep people off the streets outside our school entrance. This is because we want our streets to be a safer place. 

To help our school keep track of this, we ask the children to log how they travel to school each morning. This graph shows the results of how we travel as a class to school. 

We are currently working on how to get our results up and making sure we record our travel every day! 

Park and Stride

Walk to school tracker

Park and Stride

Parents, staff and pupils have noticed the increase in traffic outside the school gates at the beginning and end of the day. WE were increasingly concerned about the safety of pedestrians so we invited a member of the school transport team to come to school.  We observed traffic outside school from 3pm, and although the speed of cars was under 20mph (which is great) cars were not parking wisely and they were using the road opposite school to turn around. We took the short walk from school to the village hall, which is an ideal place for parents to park and then walk with their children to school in the morning. WE wrote to parents and shared a map of the route as well as leading an assembly to the whole school to launch Park and Stride. We asked parents to sign up to the Park Wise Promise and have been sending out free car stickers to everyone who has signed up to the challenge! 

Walk on Wednesday Update January 2017

Walk on Wednesday


All of the classes have been working super hard for walk on Wednesday and have been improving their score every week (almost).  Walk on Wednesday (WOW) has been working very well and we are hoping to carry it on through 2017.  We know that Willow Class have been the best since week one, all the way to week five.  The Eco Team have been joining WOW points with energy points to make it harder for each class to achieve the award each week. This has been working really well and has encouraged children across the school to save energy in their classrooms, as well as trying to stay fit and healthy by walking to school.  The Eco Team would like to introduce a walking bus or Park and Stride in the near future to encourage more children to walk to school and walk home.  It is hoped that this will reduce traffic congestion outside the school gates at the beginning and end of the day, making it safer for everybody.

Luke Marden, Year 5

Eco Team


Junior Road Safety Officers and 'Be Bright be Seen Day'


Both Matthew and Martha completed the training and are our new Junior Road Safety Officers. 

The first whole school project led by our new JRSOs was 'Be Bright, Be Seen Day' They wrote to parents and ask children and staff to dress in bright clothing for the day.  Children completed road safety activities in classes and the Eco Team led a special assembly. 


Eco Team Traffic Survey

March 2016


On two days within one week of March we wanted to see if ‘Walk On Wednesday’ had made a difference to the traffic outside school. We compared the information on Wednesday to the information on Thursday.


We started the survey at 8:30am and we finished it at 9:00am on each day. We decided to record the vehicles passing school property or parking within the area. We hoped to see less cars near the school on Wednesday than on Thursday.


We found out that on Wednesday there were less passing cars than there were on Thursday but there were more parked cars on Wednesday than there were on Thursday.


Once all the building work has finished at school, we will carry out another survey as we think that the site vehicles have caused more traffic and parking difficulties around school. We know this because lots of teachers have had to park as far away as the village shop! Some teachers have said that on Walk On Wednesdays they have been able to park their cars closer to the school because children have been walking. All in all we think Walk On Wednesday has made a difference and children have made an effort to walk to school. So a big THANK YOU.


Written by : Martha Trotman & Gracie Alderman

( The Eco Team )

Walk on Wednesday September 2015

The Eco Team have introduced a new scheme to school this year. It is called Walk on Wednesday (WOW). The scheme was introduced because we want to be as eco-friendly as we can as well as encouraging families do a little exercise each week.

Walk on Wednesdays is where you walk to school every Wednesday. As some children don’t live in the village we want those children can ask their parents to drop them off somewhere close to the school then walk from there, for example at the village hall or down by the river.

On a Wednesday morning the teachers ask the children in their class if they have walked to school. If they have walked to school they get a sticker and their class teacher will record it on a sheet.

We (the Eco Team) then put that information onto a graph. We have put the graphs with this report so you can see which classes are doing well.

We hand out a certificate at the end of every half term to the class that has walked to school the most.

We are really pleased by the results so far and we hope everyone continues to do well in 2016.


Gracie Alderman and Martha Trotman

Eco Team