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Active Playtimes

The School council surveyed classes to find out what equipment they would like at playtimes to keep them fit and active.  Suggestions included skipping ropes, scoop catchers, footballs and velcro catching sets.  The school council submitted a request to Mrs Fenton, and new items were purchased for each playground.  Our Eco Warriors are responsible for keeping the equipment tidy and supporting younger children to set up games at playtime in their role as play leaders. 


Daily Mile

To promote healthy lifestyles the Eco Team introduced the Daily Mile in the Summer term 2016.  Classes  choose when during the day to run their mile with their teacher.  Children can choose whether to walk, jog or skip the distance with their Classmates!  We have noticed that classes really enjoy the extra time outside, particularly as they can choose when to take a break from their learning.  Teachers report that it improve concentration and has also helped to develop team building qualities as children encourage each other to complete a longer distance each time. 


Healthy Snacks and Lunchboxes

In the Spring term 2017 we interviewed the kitchen staff to find out which snacks were the most popular at breaktime.  It was no surprise that chocolate milk was a firm favourite in every class.  We surveyed children in the snack queue to find out which healthy snacks they would like to see on offer. 

As a result, the Eco Team we decided to review the choices, to ensure that school were providing healthy options. 

Every breaktime, children can now purchase: 

  • bread rolls (made with wholemeal flour)
  • Fruit pots 
  • Salad pots
  • Milk
  • fruit juice

and for a special treat,  chocolate milk is available every Friday! 

In addition to healthy snacks on sale from the kitchen, all children in Year R, 1 and 2 receive daily fruit.  When there is surplus fruit, anything left over is offered to children in Key Stage 2 which has been a popular healthy afternoon snack. 


We shared our ideas with the whole school in our Spring term Eco assembly.