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Eco Committee

Eco-Schools is a global programme engaging 19.5 million children across 67 countries, making it the largest educational programme on the planet.

For nearly 25 years Eco-Schools has been empowering children to drive change and improve their environmental awareness through the simple Seven-Step framework in order to achieve the international Eco-Schools Green Flag award.

Eco-Schools develops pupils’ skills, raises environmental awareness, improves the school environment and creates financial savings for schools as well as a whole host of other benefits.

Hedgehog week 22.2.21

This week, we are learning about hedgehogs and how to create hedgehog safe gardens at home, as well as at school. 

We were invited to join two hedgehog specialists, Chris and Steven Powles on a zoom call, who educated us on how to create hedgehog highways. Below, you will find links to helpful resources to help support the work you will be doing at home and at school. They are resources that could be useful to anyone as they share the important information on how to encourage hedgehogs to live a happy, safe life! 

East Meon's working party Summer 2019

Eco Day

Welcome to the Eco Teams page. In July 2015, the Eco Team were rewarded for all their hard work when they achieved the Green Flag. Our current Eco Team is made up of Year 4, 5 and 6 children who are working hard to maintain the standards that have already been achieved. The Eco Team also have our Eco Warriors - children from different year groups who work with the team to achieve set goals. 

Each warrior has a specific job they are in charge of and they complete these jobs in their own time.  



Some of our Eco members working hard around our school grounds...

Our Eco Code

East Meon is an eco friendly school

Always looking after the environment

Saving electricity

Telling the school about our progress


Make the world a better place


Ozone layer needs to be repaired

No litter


Saving the Earth from global warming

Can we stop pollution?

Hard work is needed

On the inside and the outside

Oceans are becoming polluted and animals are dying

Look after the world