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Switch off!

Each class has their own Switch off to make sure that lights and other devices are switched off when not in use.  Eco Warriors and members of the Eco Team are then responsible for awarding energy points at three points during the day.  These points are then combined with Walk on Wednesday points (WOW) and the best class are saving energy and walking to school are awarded the certificate and cup in our Celebration Assembly every Friday. This work has resulted in a reduction of our energy use over time.  


We wanted to find out more about saving energy, so the Eco Team asked Hazel Class to find out about The Carbon Footprint and what we could do to reduce it.  An example of this work is shared below.  


New Roof

In the Spring of 2016 the school received a much needed school roof.  The new roof has provided us with better insulation.  We have recorded our LPG consumption prior to the new roof and we are in the process of collecting recent data so we can make a comparison.  We are hoping that the new insulation has made a difference and will also be looking at ways to reduce our LPG consumption further.