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Welcome to Discoverers class! 

Our teachers are Miss Lambton, Mrs Smith and Miss Duffin. 


In our class, we make sure we:

-use kind hands

-share with our friends

-challenge ourselves

-have fun! 


Please keep an eye on our page as we will regularly update it with pictures of our learning... 


Week 4

This week, the Discoverers have been learning about Winter. We started the week with a discussion about what winter is and how we know it is winter. We talked about the different signs we may come across. We then went on an Adventure to the park to spot signs of winter! We saw bare trees, brown leaves, holly, lots of leaves on the floor and we also talked about the clothing we were wearing - warm coats and wellies! We have then used our phonic knowledge to write about what we saw. 

The Discoverers have continued to spot different 2D shapes and talking about their corners and how we know which shape is what! 

Week 3

Buddy the elf set us a challenge! He asked if we could find different objects around the room that were the same length as 7 cubes. The Discoverers worked with some of the Adventurers to find and compare these objects. We then talked about objects that were smaller and bigger and put these in order! We also worked as a team to build a den, joining different sticks to build the frame. We talked about welcoming new babies into the world, looking at different pictures and using our phonics to write what we could see. 

Week 2

Week 2 1

Week 2

Discoverers really enjoyed their trip to the Mandir Temple in London this week! They have listened to different Hindu stories - focusing on the story of Rama and Sita. We talked about the Diwali festival and looked at how Hindu's decorate their houses for this festival. We made Rangoli patterns and decorated our home corner with lights to welcome Rama and Sita home. 

Autumn 2 Week 1

This half term, we are learning about different festivals and celebrations that happen around the world. This week, we have focused on Bonfire Night and why this is celebrated. The children enjoyed mixing colours to create a 'bonfire' picture and looked carefully at the colours that are made when fireworks go off. We made our own rockets using different 2D shapes and have started to talk about their properties. Discoverers have been working hard on recognising and ordering numbers to 10 and 20. 

Week 6

This week, Discoverers have really enjoyed taking on the role of being a teacher. The children had their own registers and were happily ticking off each others names! They were using the whiteboard to practice their sounds and while being in role of a teacher, they were helping Miss Lambton form her letters correctly! The children have been working as a team to build various dens around the school grounds, using different equipment. They enjoyed turning the bikes into 'leaf collectors', collecting up the leaves and putting them into the compost bin. 

Discoverers have been working hard on blending sounds to read words and have had a go at writing their own words! 

Week 5

This week, Discoverers baked a sticky chocolate cake which they thoroughly enjoyed! We have also been working on our gross motor skills, building up strength in our upper body to help with our handwriting. We have also learnt the rules to Hungry Hippos and Ker-Plunk. We had to take turns with our friends and learn how to set up a new game. 

Week 4

Discoverers Class were asked to decorate a window in the church for our Harvest celebration on Monday. Each child chose a fruit or vegetable that they were thankful for. Together, we wrote a prayer to say thank you. 

Each child lit a candle in the church for someone special. 

Week 3

We have started learning our phonics, recognising  numbers and have started our handwriting practice! 

For handwriting, we are following the Kinetic Letters programme and we build up the children's strength by getting them to lie on their tummies to strengthen their shoulder girdle!  

This is our learning space...

This is our learning space...  1
This is our learning space...  2
This is our learning space...  3