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Our Community

We are keen to take an active role in the village and our School Council have attended the local bingo sessions for the elderly.

We have recently established a local family friendly music festival (Meonfest) to raise funds for the school.  Our school has taken part in the village Open Gardens Day, welcoming a number of visitors to our fantastic gardens and grounds.  East Meon School actively links with the local community for example holding our Outdoor Adventures club at the local Sustainability Centre.

As a school we recognise the multicultural nature of our country and have attended an Interfaith Day celebrating and finding out about the different religions and faiths in our local community.  The children are encouraged to ‘give back’ to their community and this is done through supporting charities and our citizenship award for Year 6.  In addition, children in Key Stage 2 work hard to prepare an end of year production for both our school and village community at the village hall. Our children work alongside other children from local small schools in a wide range of activities for example, gifted and talented ICT sessions, sporting tournaments, the swimming gala and music concerts.