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Welcome to Voyagers

The adults working in our class this half term are

Mrs Slamaker and Mrs Siggers .

Adventure week with Voyagers

Wednesday - we have been playing on giant inflatables and taking part in Team Building games and activities.

Monday was a trek around the East Meon Circuit - a very muddy trail but fun! :)

Tuesday saw us at ASC Watersports centre; unfortunately the weather warnings kept us off the water until the afternoon but we had great fun with climbing and archery.

No Pictures of the paddleboards I'm afraid as we were all on the water.

Some more pictures of the children challenging themselves :)

When the children felt they had reached their limit, the instructors challenged them to do "Just one more!"

And finally, Archery - there are no pictures of paddle boards I'm afraid :(

This week Voyagers are at Minstead Study Centre

After breakfast, Voyagers headed to top meadow to begin the day as  a water droplet traveling on its journey. This was quickly followed by an investigation of the local Fleet River and some stream dipping.

We were lucky enough to use some flow meters to measure the speed of the river at different places.

In the afternoon, we tried our hand at den building and were all successful in creating effective dens which we then used as a shelter when being hunted by Goshawks. 

This evening we played Capture the Flag and finished the day with hot chocolate & a story.

We arrived safely at Minstead study centre to find glorious weather waiting for us. After making our beds, we had a tour of the centre then made our lunch. As the weather was fine, we ate in the meadow and also fed grass and ivy to the sheep - Lady BaaBaa, Baa-riana Grande and Briney Shears.

After lunch we set off on a walk through the New Forest where we discovered a myriad of biodiversity in the changing landscape.

Dinner included fresh salad picked from the study centre gardens. Our evening activity was a camp fire where Matilda told a very good story. 

Finally, we had hot chocolate and a story before heading to bed; sleep tight everyone.

First Day at Minstead

Creation Music

Monday 1st March 2021

We have a fantastic week planned starting with the introduction to Book Week. I hope you have fun this week and get a chance to explore the World Book Day website that has lots of exciting activities. 

In addition to our usual English sessions, each day will have an extra activity linked to the school book, 'Rain before Rainbows'. All the video introduction for these session can be found in the Book Week folder in the VRL. Some of our class have read this book with me in a PHSE lesson, but we are looking at it from a different perspective. Maths is changing direction to geometry with co-ordinates, reflection and translation of shapes. 

Enjoy your week

best wishes

Mrs Slamaker

Monday 22nd February 2021

Welcome back and get ready for a fantastic week of learning. At 10am on Monday we are having a whole class meeting to start the week - can't wait to see you all!

This week is hedgehog week at East Meon and every afternoon there is a linked activity for you to do, these can be found in the 'Hedgehog Week' section of our video library. In maths we will be exploring area and volume and in English we will be creating fact files using a wide variety of punctuation.

As usual, videos introducing each session can be found in our resource centre -

Enjoy your week

best wishes

Mrs Slamaker

Voyagers' Creativity Gallery

Captain Sir Tom One Hundred Challenge

Watch the video in the resource centre to learn about Sir Captain Tom Moore and how he is inspirational. Complete your own challenge in memory to him.

Also watch the video of Captain Tom Moore’s story ‘100 steps’


Monday 8th February 2021

Good morning Voyagers, we are looking forward to another great week of learning. I have added some art linked to our mountain work this week which I hope you will enjoy.

I will be setting up Maths workshops on Wednesday and our final reading session on Thursday.

I hope you have a successful week,

Take care everyone

best wishes

Mrs Slamaker

Welcome to Monday 1st February 2021

This week we have a lot of exciting activities planned. The geography for Monday & Tuesday has a rather chunky passport activity to print out - I will print some of these out and leave them in the school foyer to save you printing out too much at home.

Again you will find both word documents and PDF to make your life a little easier, with the exception of the geography this week which is only available as a PDF or hard copy from school.

Maths this week is looking at word problems and English we will be researching, planning and writing an article for a holiday magazine.

We will also have a maths workshop and an English/ reading session via google meet so look out for the invite.

Take care everyone

best wishes

Mrs Slamaker

Good morning Voyagers

We are continuing our North America topic, it was great to see so many of you researching and presenting your findings about the different climates across North America's continent. I really enjoyed the short stories you sent in last week, this week we will be exploring non-chronological reports. In maths we are investigating fractions, decimals and percentages. Don't forget to join me for your tutorial on Thursday. 

We have added word documents and PDF this week so you can choose which format suits you best :)

Keep safe

best wishes

Mrs Slamaker

Happy Monday Voyagers

We are stating a topic on North America this week so I will be interested to find out what you discover. In English we will be writing a short story from a .different viewpoint. In maths we will be improving our knowledge and skills with fractions. Don't forget to join me for your tutorial on Thursday. bring your book and answers from Wednesday's reading activity.

We have added word documents and PDF this week so you can choose which format suits you best :)

Keep safe

best wishes

Mrs Slamaker

Wellness Wednesday

Good morning Voyagers

What a great start to our home learning! Hopefully any snags accessing the resources each day have been solved and we are full steam ahead. This week we are still investigating light, we will be perfecting our multiplying and dividing methods and writing a flashback story in English. Also this week we will be reading our new books, taking part in Wellness Wednesday and having a go at Mrs Smith's craft project. Good luck.

Keep safe

best wishes

Mrs Slamaker

Monday January 11th 2021

Hello Voyagers

I am so gutted that I will not be seeing you in person. I will do my best to continue to challenge you and support your learning. This week we are starting with formal methods in maths and looking at flashback techniques in English. We are going to start the half term with a science unit of Light.

There will be videos for each day in the Video Resource Centre and the work sheets for you to complete will be here on our class page.

I will send a link for a group chat on Thursday.

Keep safe

best wishes

Mrs Slamaker

Wednesday 6th January

In October, Voyagers toured the school to share with parents our current learning practice. It has taken a while to upload videos due to their size so they can now be found in the video resources library in Voyagers class videos.


Friday 4th December


This week in english , Voyagers , year 5 and 6, have been formatting a newsletter plan about our Fair Trade day at the start of the week on Monday 30th November.We also practised writing a news report about Jack and the beanstalk and the dead giant at the foot of the felled beanstalk.After writing our introduction and first paragraph , we all chose our favourite statement and why we decided on it. Eg ; “Throughout the whole of Monday 30th November , roughly around 9 am , Voyagers , year 5 and 6 , commenced with their fair trade day”. - “This sentence was my favourite because it contained 2 pairs of parentheses and an even amount of information.”



Throughout this week in maths , the students of year 5 and 6  have been working on: shapes , angles and coordinates. We have been identifying how many degrees all the angles on different sorts of shapes such as : quadrilaterals and triangles add up to.We have also participated in plotting coordinates on a graph and which side of the graph is an x axis and a y axis. We have a short sentence to remember which way we start at,  for example ; along the corridor and up the stairs or along the corridor and down the stairs.



This week in DT, we have been tasting different types of food from all over the world for example, Stollen. On Thursday we were learning about how to protect ourselves from food poisoning and cross-contamination.We learnt that after chopping up raw meat displayed on a different coloured chopping board to a vegetable chopping board  you would either have to clean the knife thoroughly with soap and hot water or you could use a different utensil.


Fair Trade

At the start of the week , Monday 30th November , we all participated in a Fair Trade day. At the start of the day , we split off into two different groups to start different activities. The first group went into the lodge to taste different fair trade chocolate and hot chocolate , they were all asked to rate the taste , they were also asked to report if it was a part of Fair Trade and the texture/look of it. Once they had finished tasting the snacks, they created factual fortune tellers that were based off of Fair trade and how it affects others.The other group , who had stayed in class , discovered the journey of a cocoa bean and how far it had to travel , we were focusing on a story of a young lady who only earned 74p per day but when she joined the Fair Trade she earned more than expected. At the end of the day , we all gathered together to have a debate on whether school/education was a want or a need. Many people were confident that it was a need but few thought it was a want , luckily at the end of the debate we all decided education was a need.


Class worship

In these strange times we have been attending assemblies in our own classrooms so we don’t spread germs. Every Thursday , the pupils have been presenting their own assemblies to show to the class.We still compete to see which house fills up their jar with gems the quickest but instead of this celebration in the hall we now do our assemblies as a class

                                                                                                By Maisie + Darcey.

Friday 9th October


This week in Voyagers,  we have been practicing our techniques in art and creating our own mystical planets and landscapes.We have been attempting to try different ways we can add a pop of colour to add our own look to our work of art! This week Voyagers have been testing out different mediums to find out which one we are more confident to use for our planets. Many of us have decided to use more than one medium in our work. Multiple pieces of artwork (all of them) were extraordinary. If we had to decide on one we would all be here for 100 years.The most popular choice for the medium was watercolour - easier to blend and fill up the page.



Voyagers have been creating our own unique versions of our class book: Holes. 

For starters, we planned out our stories and introduced our characters, Stanley being the main character. Our plans started with the introduction, next was the build-up to add tension. We all planned out how we were going to create a problem, then we found a resolution to the problem which obviously resulted in an ending - either happy or sad. If all the versions of the book were compared, you could easily notice the difference. They were all very imaginative and well thought out.



This week in maths in voyagers we have been learning about converting,simplifying and adding fractions. We have also learnt about multiplying and equivalent fractions. Sometimes it was really challenging and hard but we made our way through it. Maths intrigued us to carry on and to never give up! Today (Thursday 8th October 2020) we used paper and folded them to create different amounts that helped us multiply different fractions.Our techniques to multiply fractions is quite simple. First of all, we multiplied the numerator (the top number) together and then timesed the denominator (the bottom number) with each other eg; ½ x ½ = ¼ !  

By Cecily Alderman , Maisie Montgomery and Freya Hebditch.

Friday 2nd October

Another great week in Voyagers class. This week we have been developing our artistic skills by experimenting with different art mediums from sketching to collage, using the planets as our inspiration. Following the visit to the Planetarium, Voyagers presented their knowledge of Space to the rest of the class. In English we have been experimenting with relative and subordination clauses and have started to write our own short story based on Holes. Maths has been tricky as we investigate fractions and decimals.

Mia and Millie delivered a well presented class assembly celebrating Harvests and God's Gardens.

Presenting our Solar system information

Friday 25th September 

We have had such a great week. In English we have been reading more of Holes by Louis Sachar. Voyagers have used 'Hot Seating' to get into the minds of the main characters before writing diary entries. Science has been very exciting! We have investigated soil samples using a variety of separation techniques including sieving, filtering and evaporation. In addition we tested the soil's acidity before discovering which sample came from Mars.

Our next experiment looked at microorganisms and the possibility of life on Mars - no life in our Martian soil sample but definitely some on Planet C.

Of course the highlight of our week has been the trip to the Planetarium where the children had an amazing time. Voyagers proudly displayed their growing knowledge of the Solar System and asked very good questions of the experts. 


Is anybody out there?