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Friday 9th October


This week in Voyagers,  we have been practicing our techniques in art and creating our own mystical planets and landscapes.We have been attempting to try different ways we can add a pop of colour to add our own look to our work of art! This week Voyagers have been testing out different mediums to find out which one we are more confident to use for our planets. Many of us have decided to use more than one medium in our work. Multiple pieces of artwork (all of them) were extraordinary. If we had to decide on one we would all be here for 100 years.The most popular choice for the medium was watercolour - easier to blend and fill up the page.



Voyagers have been creating our own unique versions of our class book: Holes. 

For starters, we planned out our stories and introduced our characters, Stanley being the main character. Our plans started with the introduction, next was the build-up to add tension. We all planned out how we were going to create a problem, then we found a resolution to the problem which obviously resulted in an ending - either happy or sad. If all the versions of the book were compared, you could easily notice the difference. They were all very imaginative and well thought out.



This week in maths in voyagers we have been learning about converting,simplifying and adding fractions. We have also learnt about multiplying and equivalent fractions. Sometimes it was really challenging and hard but we made our way through it. Maths intrigued us to carry on and to never give up! Today (Thursday 8th October 2020) we used paper and folded them to create different amounts that helped us multiply different fractions.Our techniques to multiply fractions is quite simple. First of all, we multiplied the numerator (the top number) together and then timesed the denominator (the bottom number) with each other eg; ½ x ½ = ¼ !  

By Cecily Alderman , Maisie Montgomery and Freya Hebditch.

Friday 2nd October

Another great week in Voyagers class. This week we have been developing our artistic skills by experimenting with different art mediums from sketching to collage, using the planets as our inspiration. Following the visit to the Planetarium, Voyagers presented their knowledge of Space to the rest of the class. In English we have been experimenting with relative and subordination clauses and have started to write our own short story based on Holes. Maths has been tricky as we investigate fractions and decimals.

Mia and Millie delivered a well presented class assembly celebrating Harvests and God's Gardens.

Presenting our Solar system information

Friday 25th September 

We have had such a great week. In English we have been reading more of Holes by Louis Sachar. Voyagers have used 'Hot Seating' to get into the minds of the main characters before writing diary entries. Science has been very exciting! We have investigated soil samples using a variety of separation techniques including sieving, filtering and evaporation. In addition we tested the soil's acidity before discovering which sample came from Mars.

Our next experiment looked at microorganisms and the possibility of life on Mars - no life in our Martian soil sample but definitely some on Planet C.

Of course the highlight of our week has been the trip to the Planetarium where the children had an amazing time. Voyagers proudly displayed their growing knowledge of the Solar System and asked very good questions of the experts. 


Is anybody out there?